Chinook Winds

Session 1

Dahlia and Fenris have been searching for a way to protect Dahlia’s mother from the attentions of Dahlia’s father, a Frost Reaper of the Winter Court. Dahlia contacted Alexander, a local purveyor of arcane oddities and made an appointment to meet him at Neutral Grounds on Saturday to see if he would be able to help her with the problem.

On Saturday, at Neutral Grounds, Alexander had several meetings, one with Yuri to discuss a newly acquired book. Mysterious Marty the Mystic arrived, fresh from his appearance on Breakfast Television. Sadly, no one at Neutral Grounds had watched his appearance on television. However, they all watched as he stumbled through the door when he bungled his usually impressive cape twirling entrance.

Dahlia and Fenris approached Alexander and explained their problem. Alexander knew a guy who could help and introduced them to Yuri. Marty introduced himself, as usual. Yuri determined that he required an object with a specific connection to the Fae or its true name in order to create a protective amulet. Payment would be at a rate of $75 per hour, which was the standard weekend annoyed alchemist rate.

Dianne Bennett delivered a message from Niloe Derverdi to Dahlia. Niloe was worried about a member of her congregation and wanted to Dahlia to drop by Knox United.

Dahlia and Fenris went to Knox to meet with Niloe. June, a local homeless woman had become involved with a charismatic doomsday street preacher named Gabriel. Two weeks ago, she had attended the service at Knox United and had spoken of nothing else. She had not been back since then and Nilou was worried that she might fall for a scam or get wrapped up in something negative.

Dahlia and Fenris searched for June at one of the local shelters. Due to her outreach work, Dahlia was recognized by several people. However, no one had seen June in the last week or could give much information. Fenris relied on his natural scruffiness to blend in with the locals and ask for more details about Gabriel. He had managed to convert some unlikely people who hadn’t shown any interest in religion prior to meeting him. He was often found in Inglewood and it was said he offered ‘mana’ to his followers instead of soup.

Meanwhile at Yuri’s Books and Crystals…. Marty was browsing the books, while Yuri was working. A loud, amplified voice could be heard from down the street. Yuri went outside to investigate what the racket was. A street preacher had set up down the street. He was standing on a soapbox and haranguing a small crowd of elderly people holding signs. Yuri attempted to confront Gabriel and make him quiet down. Gabriel responded with loud rhetoric and ranting. Yuri attempted to hex the microphone, but only managed to generate a few moments of squealing feedback.

Yuri returned to his shop, frustrated with the encounter and told Marty about it. Marty decided that he needed to see this showman for himself and went to investigate. Gabriel recognizes Marty and calls him out a charlatan engaged in devilry. Marty grabbed the microphone and shoved Gabriel off the soapbox, taking the spot for himself. He started to try and win the crowd over, but eventually they turned on him as Gabriel made a break for it. Marty returned to the shop with both the microphone and a gash on his head from being hit by a little old lady with a sign.

Marty and Yuri closed the shop for the evening and went back to Neutral Grounds. Alexander was still there, having wrapped up his meetings for the day. They regale him with tales of their confrontations with Gabriel and finally convince Alexander to attempt psychometry on the stolen microphone. Alexander determines that the microphone is actually a focus item and gets a trace of hopelessness as well as a distinct “icky” reading off of it.

Dahlia and Fenris return with stories of a “madman in a cape attacking a man of god.” The group realizes they are all looking to have a longer talk with this Gabriel.


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