David Weadick

Lone Lawman of the Prairies


David Weadick comes from a long proud line of Calgarians. His uncle Guy Weadick is considered the father of the Stampede and David grew up steeped in the western tradition. He was on his way to becoming a rodeo star when his latent magical abilities began to manifest around age 15.

He joined the White Council as a full wizard at age 25 and was recruited by the Wardens both for his skills at combat magic and because they needed representation in Canada. He was made the Regional Captain of Alberta, although due to the war with the Red Court, he is now the lone Warden responsible for the western provinces. He is responsible for British Columbia all the way to Manitoba. While the population of the provinces is not large relative to many US cities, the size of his territory makes it challenging to cover.

David Weadick

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