Chinook Winds

Session 2

The group decided to use divination to locate Gabriel using his microphone as a connection to him.

Mysterious Marty the Mystic left to consult with a local ghost. Fred was the ghost of a man who froze to death while curled inside a duct in the telephone building. When he complained of being cold, Marty offered his cape. Unfortunately, the cape fell straight through the ghost’s outstretched hands. He reported that he has seen Gabriel around with his flock, but also mentioned a larger and more sharp toothed companion. In exchange for the information, Marty promised to bring Fred a spectral blanket and sandwich.

The divination identified a location along 9th Avenue, across the street from the Blackfoot Diner and Truck Stop. The group traveled down in Dahlia’s car and Marty’s very conspicuous MartyMobile, a van with his face plastered on the outside. Fenris staked out a spot outside to observe the building, while the rest of the group went into the diner to watch.

The front face of the building was open, but the back was surrounded by a tall chain link fence. Two vehicles were parked behind the fence, a beater on blocks beside a black Mercedes. The front windows were covered by heavy curtains. Fenris noticed the movement of a curtain at one of the front windows, but otherwise there was no sign that the building is occupied.

Front Door

Marty and Alexander decided to go to the front door, while Fenris and Yuri would try to sneak around the back. Dahlia stayed back as a lookout to keep track of both teams.

Marty and Alexander knocked on the door and were greeted by a voice saying “None but the flock may enter. The Shepherd is gone.” Marty and Alexander overwhelmed the doorman with sheer force of personality (Alex) and ridiculousness (Marty). The doorman, a small elderly and confused looking man, ran off leaving the door unguarded, except for the small chain lock.

Marty and Alexander entered and found a dimly lit room filled with people sleeping on the floor, wrapped in blankets and coats. The room was packed with elderly flock members with their REPENT signs. The retreating doorman ran out the single door leading to the back of the building.

Back Door
Yuri took a stealth potion and managed to open the gate quietly and sneak around back undetected. Fenris was much less stealthy and was noticed by a large man sitting in the Mercedes. However, the man seemed unsurprised and went back to playing Bejeweled on his phone.

Yuri looked through the back door into a hallway lit by a flickering fluorescent light. (Three doors (to the front to the building, left and right). While he was watching a frightened looking man entered the hallway from the front and ducked into the left hand door. The back door was open and Yuri sneaked down the hall, Fenris followed in a much less sneaky fashion.

While in the hallway, a loud one-sided conversation could be hear coming from the left. A deep voiced man was demanding payment for a debt.


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